SNAP Financial provides financing programs to a number of equipment vendors and dealers. Recently you may have purchased a product with one of our dealers through a monthly payment plan or a deferred payment plan. SNAP Financial provided the financing through the dealer. Check the documents you received associated with the purchase to see if SNAP Financial is mentioned or contact the dealer where you made the purchase and ask them about the financing plan.
You can fax us a void cheque at 1.866.694.2801 or email it to Please make sure to include your full name, address, as well as your your account number and indicate when the new banking information comes into effect. Keep in mind that we need a minimum of 10 days prior to your next payment due date to receive bank changes.
  • Click ‘MY LOAN DETAILS’ to pay out your loan. This is our recommended method of payout to ensure timely processing.
  • Online payment through your bank. Please use your contract number to reference your account with Snap.
  • Forward a cheque to our Toronto office at 156 Front St. West Toronto, On M5J 2L6.
  • Contact us at 1-866-475-9184, option 4 to have us withdraw the funds directly from your account.

*Please note, if you would like to make a partial payment or pay out your loan with a credit card, Snap will only accept a credit card cheque.

SNAP Financial currently has two options for payment dates; the 1st or 15th of each month. The payment date for your loan will depend on your contract start date.
You can call and speak with a customer service representative. Call toll free 866-475-9184 and select option 5. Hours of operation are from Monday — Friday, 8:30am to 8:00pm EST
If you have purchased goods or services through a SNAP Financial dealer using a deferral plan you will have two options once the deferral period has lapsed. You may pay the contract in full prior to the end of the deferral period or if you choose not to pay out your contract, monthly payments will be withdrawn from your bank account through preauthorized payments.

Consumer Account Inquiries

Phone: 866-475-9184
Fax: 866-694-2801
Email: Customer Support