Bridging the Gap

You want to grow your business; homeowners want better terms.
That’s where we come in.

How We Do It

SNAP Home Finance - Dealer Benefits
  • Range of payment solutions
  • Extensive training and support
  • Dealer success tools
  • Simple application process
  • Fast dealer funding
  • Applications reviewed in minutes

Dealer Benefits

  • Affordable Home Improvement

Home improvement purchases are often unplanned. Homeowners do not always have the funds available to make these major investments. By offering flexible monthly payment options, you can make these purchases more affordable for homeowners while increasing your sales. Don’t lose a sale to a competitor because someone else made a purchase more affordable.

  • Selling Made Easy

It is common for a homeowner to choose a less energy efficient product because of budgetary constraints. Home improvement financing makes it easier for homeowners to make purchasing decisions based on need, not budget. It allows them to invest in added upgrades now instead of encountering costly retrofits later. And when your customers win, you win.

  • A Smarter Way to Pay

Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors. When you provide homeowners with payment options, you’re leaving them with solutions, not new problems.

  • Satisfied Customers

First impressions go a long way. When your customers’ needs are met, they’ll remember who was in their corner, and you’ll be the first call they make the next time their home needs a hand.


Do the Math

Our growth calculator shows your potential annual revenue impact when you use SNAP payment solutions.

SNAP Home Finance - Opportunity Assessment Calculator

Tools of the Trade

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